Our company focuses on supplying alternative energy solutions to the public to help deal with the energy crisis in South Africa, with our main focus on inverters with battery banks and solar panels. We pride ourselves on supplying quality solutions and products at competitive prices.

As direct importers we can offer our customers competitive pricing, no middle men, quality products and the latest technology to suit each customer’s needs. We offer technical support and design for single phase and 3 phase applications from our supplier trained personnel. We strive for customer service, reliability and customer satisfaction.

We are a growing business with ever increasing product range, endeavoring to stay ahead of the pack.

Our Mission
To provide customers with alternative energy sources.
To reduce reliance on the national energy provider.
To reduce electricity bills.
To provide access to free green energy.
To avoid disappointment, it is of the utmost importance that the customers acquire quality products at the outset and that the products are installed by someone suitably qualified to do so. Contact us for advice on our product range and to obtain competitive quotations. It is important to bear in mind that an appropriately designed quality system, which is correctly installed, will far outlast all its inferior counterparts.